About THT


THT is released under the MIT License.

Also, as a THT programmer, you agree not to argue on the internet. =)


Please post bug reports & feedback at the Github project.


Q: What are you adding next?

Please see the Roadmap.

Q: What does the acronym “THT” stand for?

It is (tentatively) a recursive acronym for “THT Hypertext Tool”.

More about the name here.

Q: What is the correct way to spell “THT”?

Officially, it’s all uppercase: THT.

In casual use, you can use all lowercase.


Here are some of the projects that inspired parts of THT.

Languages: PHP, JavaScript, Python, Perl, CoffeeScript, Ruby, Markdown
CSS: Twitter Bootstrap, Normalize, Skeleton
PHP: Laravel, Stringy


THT was created by Joe Lesko in 2017.